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pancake-1With changing seasonal produce, food trends and consumer demands, executive chef Jethro Vincent has constructed the latest menu to impress holiday makes, locals and expats at the bustling Seminyak cafe, Sisterfields.  

“Bali has such a diverse range of produce, and it’s fantastic to be able to work with these ingredients, especially on a seasonal rota, “ said chef Jethro.

“With the huge Australian crowd that we have here in Bali, staples like the Roast Beef Roll and Ricotta Pancakes just have to be there. We’re keeping the Sisterfields theme of traditional techniques and flavours, puckered up by great presentation and a couple of surprises.”

The all day menu keeps its beloved brunch favourites, such as the Acai Berry Bowl, Pulled Pork Charcoal Roll and Smashed Avocado, so don’t fret, we now welcome you to the Double Cheese & Ham Toastie, Garlic Fried Eggs, B.L.A.T and The Blueberry & Ricotta Pancake.

The later-in-the-day choices hark back to traditional dishes, whilst adding the Sisterfields twist, with dishes such as the Chermoula Butterflied Sardines,  House-Made Pappardelle with Lamb Neck Ragu, and the Crispy Skin Pork Belly with apple & fennel slaw, Granny Smith puree and caramelised cider vinegar reduction. Seasonal produce prevails in the Chilled Poached Squid Salad with green peas and bottarga, as well as the Panzanella Salad with Halloumi stuffed Zucchini Flowers.

Old favourites have also got a makeover; the Brioche French Toast now comes topped with matcha custard, banana & yoghurt sorbet, banana crumble and Canadian Maple syrup. Our sandwich collection also have been given a few welcome additions, such as the Warm Roast Beef Charcoal Roll and Bacon and Egg Baguette.

Lastly, for something a bit different, give the Vietnamese Poached Chicken Salad with nam jim and pomelo, Grilled Chettinad Style Curry Prawns, or Prosciutto, Persimmon and Feta Salad a try.

Our cocktails have also been shaken up, with the gin and elderflower EastSide and the Apple & Sage Sour, consisting of gold rum muddled with lime and black pepper, topped off with apple juice and foam, making a welcome addition to the family.
The Sisterfields menu was created by Executive Chef Jethro Vincent, a chef devoted to bringing back traditional cooking techniques to the table. He makes all of Sisterfields’ sauces, nut milks, ice creams and preserves in-house and from scratch, as well as Sisterfields’ own buttermilk, ricotta and cultured butter that’s produced from milk delivered fresh each day.

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